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Regulations & Tips

Regulations & Tips


  • Renter does not have to show proof of insurance.  We do strongly recommend getting renters insurance.

  • Renter identification is not required.

  • Yard sales are permitted with prior notification and approval by management.

  • Defrost refrigerators and leave door open.

  • No sleeping will be allowed in units.

  • No living in your unit or on the property.

  • No parties or hanging out around your unit or facility.

  • No type of electric heater or heat lamp is to be used in units.

  • No sanding or spray painting to be done within the units.

  • Our insurance will NOT cover your possessions. Please make sure you have an insurance policy in place.


  • Use a strong lock. We recommend the round/disc shaped ones.

  • Avoid using plastic, it traps moisture and can create mildew.

  • We suggest using sheets, blankets, drop cloth or moving blankets to cover furniture.

  • Keep an inventory. Not only will it help you remember what you have stored, it could come in handy if you need to file an insurance claim.

  • Defrost refrigerators and leave door open.

  • Labeling your boxes is suggested.

  • Don't store anything super valuable.

  • Don't store anything perishable.

  • If storing metal tools or equipment, you should drain these of fuel completely.

  • A rub down with some oil will also help to prevent rust from forming on your metal tools or equipment.

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