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digital lease agreements

Digital Lease Agreement Form

Easy Steps to Complete Your Lease Agreement

  1. You can download the form, print it off, fill it out and mail it.

  2. You can open the PDF form, fill in the form digitally.

  3. When you open the form, look at the menu panel on the right side of the screen.  Click on "Edit & Sign".

(Note:  click on the screen shots to view a larger picture)

  4. Once you've click on the "Fill & Sign", move your mouse over the lines on the form and a box will open up where you can type in your information.  Complete all the information

agreement form 2.png

  5. When you get to the signature area.  Click on "Sign Yourself" and click on "Add Signature" .  In the box, type in your name and then click on "Apply".  Then move the signature with your mouse to the signature line.

agreement form 3.png

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader for opening a PDF file, you can download it for free.  Click on the button.

  6. When you have the entire form filled out.  Click on "Next".  A panel opens up and click on "Save as a Read-Only Copy" and click on "Continue".  Then save the Agreement in your folder.

agreement form 4.png

  7. Email Fit-Stor at with the completed agreement form attached.  We will review your agreement. 


If approved, we will complete our information, sign the document and send it back to you. 

If there are questions, we will follow up with you to get the needed information and move forward with the lease agreement.

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